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Office chairmats

Hard Floor & Carpet Chair Mats

Meet our Chairmats
Hard Floor & Carpet Chair Mats

Enjoy a Range of Quality Floor Protection Chair Mats – Protecting Home & Office Floors Throughout a Busy Day.

  • Designed and made in Germany, Office Marshal chair mats provide German engineered protection for your floors.
  • Unique surface for maximum grip, combined with our free glide technology allows chairs to glide effortlessly.
  • Certified indoor friendly; free from VOCs and heavy metals such as calcium, lead and cadmium.
  • Tested in accordance with ISO 4918:2016, our chair mats have undergone rigorous quality testing for crack, shatter and scratch resistance.
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Our brands
  • Office Marshal

    One of the best selling office chair mat brands in Europe, Office Marshal chair mats are designed and made from the highest quality materials and environmentally approved according to aggressive EU regulations. Each Office Marshal chair mat passes the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances (REACH) law, ensuring consumer and environmental safety whilst providing a superior standard of floor protection.

  • Casa Pura

    The home friendly version of Office Marshal mats, our Casa Pura range offers the same premium standard of protection provided by all Office Marshal products. From exercise equipment mats to colourful chair mats, Casa Pura has been designed to cater to all your home floor protection needs.

These mats are great and are protecting the carpet just like we wanted. I haven't had to readjust, move, or even think about the mats since I laid them down. They are holding up well to daily use and seem to be well worth what we paid. If you have carpet and want a mat for your computer chair these are a good buy.


This is the best chair mat I have ever bought. It's tough, durable and the strength, size, fast shipping, & comfort far outshines others I have purchased in the past.

Coleman C.

Absolutely in love with these chair mats! I've ordered five of them in the last few months and am really happy. After the first one I continued to order more to replace the previous mats from the big-box office stores. These are made in Germany and it’s clear they are a quality product.

Cali T.

This mat is perfect, it never slips and the slight texture makes the chair rolling not go out of control, but still have rolling freedom. It's not that rubbery kind that you can roll up, and easily roll off, or sink into. This one is solid, I love it and am very happy.


I didn’t think it was possible to love a chair mat until I received this one. The wheels on my chairs work perfectly on it with just the right tactile function. Thank you for putting the thought into making a product which functions so beautifully!


I use it as a craft table mat, it's been wonderful!! Would I purchase this product again? Absolutely!! I'm so glad I went forth and bought it for the purpose that I use it for.


I've been using this for months to make sure it didn't crack or have other problems that surfaced. This mat is solid and lays flat and doesn't move. I have it sitting on a 2 inch wood floor, which means the edges of each board are slightly different. If the material was weak, it would break first on the edges. No chemical smell either, nice!!


I’ve finally found a good mat to protect my hardwood floor from the office chair! Thanks a bunch!

Sharon C.
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